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Techline is a contact center that provides personalized services with professionally trained service representatives. We become an extension of our clients operations by learning their line of business and customizing our call services.

Techline Contact Center began operations in Honduras in 2013, as a complimentary service provider for Corporación El Corso (a package and mail service company).

We have outsourced services to domestic and Central American customers, due to recent changes in the global economy and the benefits that Honduras offers, we have opened the door to offer our bilingual services (English-Spanish) to customers worldwide.


Strategic Location

Honduras is in the heart of the Americas. It is located only two hours by air and 48 to 72 hours by sea to the U.S, near the manufacturing centers of North America and the largest market in the world.
Honduras serves as a distribution platform of Central America. It offers among the lowest logistical costs in the region.
Honduras is also appealing due to its proximity to the similar time zones, cultural affinity and availability of workers.

World Class Telecommunication Infrastructure

Honduras is also the only Central America country with a world-class telecommunication infrastructure, connected through three submarine cables, Energía 1, Maya 1 and Arcos, to the main internet and communication backbone in the U.S, providing 99.99% redundancy


  • Minimun Wage: $350/month
  • Bilingual Schools: 300+
  • Laws that regulate and benefit the activity of Call Centers


At Techline we offer you the best solutions according to your needs

BPO Services

With our BPO (Business Processing Outsourcing) service, we focus on the part of your business where we can add value through our experience, technology and qualified personnel
  • Costumer care
  • Retentions/Cancellations
  • Tele Sales
  • Order Taking
  • Appointment Services
  • Lead Generation
  • English and Spanish Translations
  • emails
  • SMS Messages
  • IVR
  • Webchat
  • Backoffice Services
  • Package and mail deliveries (Honduras area only)

Collection Services

Our services include the collection service via telephone, for different industries as well as different types of arrears (from arrears of 30 days to arrears punishable above 3 years). In addition to that we support with collection in Honduras with field visits and delivery of collection letters.
  • Account Rescue
  • Portafolio Recovery
  • Renewals
  • Recalls & Follow Up
  • Reminders

Call Center Services

  • Sales & Order Processing
  • Technology Product Support
  • Technical & Help Desk Services
  • Customer Services
  • IVR Services
  • Website "Call me Back“ responding services
  • Live Chat Support Services
  • Email Management
  • SMS Marketing & Management

Social Networks Monitoring

Social networks are a very important channel to manage the image of your company because they have multiple benefits, such as:
  • Social Networks allow to improve the knowledge and communication with your clients.
  • Social Networks allow your company to reach directly to customers and consumers without intermediaries.
The number of people present in Social Networks grows every day. And they allow the company to give a personalized treatment to its customers.

At Techline we support you with the management and monitoring of your social networks:
  • Get more out of social networks: We have the tools to manage all your social profiles, find and automatically program effective social content, saving you time and effort of social marketing.
  • We facilitate your return on investment in social networks: Make smarter, data-driven social media marketing decisions with confidence. We do real-time analysis that allows you to identify trends as they are developed and deepen in search of information about the performance of your content.
  • Protect your brand on social networks: We improve your reputation while protecting your brand on social networks, we monitor messages and mentions. We request approval of messages before they are published and our processes reduce the risk of unauthorized publications.
Our service includes:
  • a. Message programming
  • b. Content selection
  • c. Analysis
  • d. Supervision
  • e. Information security
  • f. Integration with other applications
  • Email Management
  • SMS Marketing & Management

Virtual Office

Our Virtual Office provides office services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with qualified personnel to assist all your office needs. Our service includes:

  • Business address in Miami, Florida United States - Real office address
  • Mail collection, notification, management and forwarding to any location worldwide
  • Mail scan to email services
  • Dedicated and exclusive U.S. telephone number
  • Automatic call forwarding to any mobile phone or land line in the world
  • Customized greeting recording with your company's name
  • Customized menu recording with your company's departments and/or extensions - Auto Attendant
  • Voicemail to email
  • Fax to email
  • Live call answering services - bilingual (English/Spanish) receptionist answers, screens and transfers calls in your company's name
  • Notification of missed calls. If you are not available we will take a message and email you




TECHLINE serves the two largest telecommunications companies in Central America, we have the necessary knowledge to provide world-class services for their end customers, being able to intervene in the entire life cycle of their clients.

Our knowledge of this industry allows us to provide experience providing services in customer service, first level technical support, back office processes, teleshopping, invoice collection, customer retention and others.


At Techline we understand the importance of the needs of financial services where strict adherence to processes is required, to comply with established times efficiently and to be able to adapt to the changing needs of our clients and the market they serve.

The most successful financial institutions attach great importance to long-term relationships with their clients and Techline provides services that support this initiative.

Our understanding of this industry allows us to provide experience providing services in customer service, first level technical support, back office processes, telesales, collections, customer retention campaigns and others.


At Techline, we integrate customer service experiences in other industries to provide customer service with high quality standards and efficiency in the attention of final consumers.

Consumers in this industry expect to have positive experiences of buying products sold by our customers and when something goes wrong they need an agile channel that meets their demands.

At Techline we have experience in dealing with customer support requests, claims attention, technical support or use of products, customer loyalty programs, telesales, customer satisfaction surveys, warranty claims and others.


The energy industry changes very quickly, companies need to open multiple customer service channels. At Techline, it offers a wide variety of services for the end consumers of this industry.

Our team has experience applying top-level customer support programs, post-service satisfaction surveys, loyalty programs, telesales, collections, backoffice process and others.


At TECHLINE we have a lot of experience in providing online support for clients in the technology industry. We have agents dedicated to monitor social networks and to intervene with positive messages that respond to doubts or problems expressed by the final consumers resulting in increases in customer satisfaction and increase in sales or in the positioning of your brand.

Our services include, inbound and outbound sales, account management, customer care, retention, technical support and up-sell and cross sell.


We hire people with passion, enthusiasm and dedication! We provide flexible schedules and great benefits.

We would love to hear from you. If you would like to be considered for a job opportunity please contact us.

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